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Consultancy is a key element in the company’s offering, for often complex requirements, so that the aims of the client are fully realised.

Dedicated Micros offers a wide and complimentary suite of solutions, revolving around video over IP, across many industries.

Solutions are designed to meet clients needs, using a common core technical architecture, NetVu Connected, with NetVu Enterprise Observer software to ensure seamless operability for their integrated solution as well as scalability.

The Pick-A-Point Icon system brings together CCTV system components into the control room environment, providing a dedicated multiple site video management solution for medium and large scale deployments. Scalable, intuitive for operators, reliable, simultaneous multiple viewing capability, speedy image retrieval and a simplicity of operation that reduces infrastructure requirements such as cabling are among its key benefits.

The Archive Management System (AMS) provides a unique method of managing the content produced by large scale fixed and mobile CCTV solutions. The centrally located database can automatically index all video and associated meta data produced by any of the connected devices. Operators can search and export archived images and video stored on the remote device or footage that has already been archived centrally for use as evidence.

The suite of solutions includes:

      • FireVu provides effective flame and Video Smoke Detection for high value assets in the petrochemicals, transport, manufacturing, recycling, power generation, data centre and property sectors. The new Multi Detector solution also combines thermopile (temperature sensing) technology with full flame and Video Smoke Detection capabilities.
      • TransVu is the mobile solution for those operating in demanding environments that need the most powerful transit surveillance tools available, providing uninterrupted in-vehicle security surveillance for both public and commercial transport applications.
      • Virtual NVR distributed intelligent IP video solution delivers a seamlessly managed solution to tackle theft and fraud using completely secure IP video, which protects IP video systems from malicious threats. It is ideal for combating internal fraud in sectors such as retail.
      • Dedicated Micros, a renowned international pioneer and market leader in developing and manufacturing specialist CCTV control and monitoring equipment. Its equipment, such as SmartVu cameras and DVRs, can be utilised for DM Network Video solutions.
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The August 2013 fire at Bredbury Industrial Estate, Manchester, destroyed some 1,500 bails of paper, fabric and plastic waste. It was not the first on this large site, which had serious business consequences for the owner.

IP Video Markets

  • Education Solutions

    Education Solutions

    Assault, arson, bullying, theft and vandalism can happen outside, across campuses, as well as inside. AD Network Video solutions provide a safer environment for all, enabling security staff to tackle incidences quickly. Powerful scalable Video over IP solutions can make use of current infrastructures, providing another source of return on investment.

  • Bus & Train Solutions

    Bus & Train Solutions

    Operators can better protect passengers, staff and the company, taking action when necessary in incidences of anti-social behaviour including theft, vandalism and violence. False insurance claims can also be refuted with the g-force sensor and video, providing another source of return on investment.

  • Commercial Buildings

    Commercial Buildings

    AD Network Video provide fire detection and surveillance solutions for high value property, be they cultural treasures such as London Guildhall or modern icons such as the City of London’s Gherkin. AD Network Video systems deliver against challenging specifications while adhering to architectural sensitivities and regulations.

  • Waste Management Solutions

    Waste Management Solutions

    Fires at waste management sites are paid for by the environment, the emergency services and the local community, but they also cost you and your business. There is a major fire at a waste management or recycling site every day in the UK.

  • Banking Solutions

    Banking Solutions

    Retail counters, ATMs and the financial institution’s premises need protecting from internal and external fraud. The evidential quality of Video over IP video can help deter and prosecute offenders. Secure, easy to upscale solutions from AD Network Video provide real-time surveillance to reduce incidents and provide a potentially significant Return on Investment.

  • Retail Solutions

    Retail Solutions

    Shrinkage costs the UK retail industry alone over £5 billion annually, employee fraud makes up a third of the losses. Surveillance solutions from AD Network Video act as a deterrent, providing evidential quality video as well as enabling security functions to act promptly.