NetVu develops and manufactures Dedicated Micros, FireVu and TransVu Products for UK and EMEA.

Here’s why we should be talking:

  1. Cost-effective upgrades – new for old Dedicated Micros products with minimum disruption to cabling or control rooms.
  2. Complete end to end solutions – from IP camera to viewing management software.
  3. Bespoke solutions, bespoke problem solving – hands on consultation and support to help you to deliver solutions that help you and your clients to achieve an exceptional return on investment.
  4. Easy Integration – into existing control room set ups, any building control system or alarm handling systems.
  5. Scalable, flexible video management software – which are full PSIM systems, enabling total situational awareness.
  6. Predictive Maintenance alerts – exceptional up-time as maintenance needs are anticipated in advance.
  7. HD IP video provider – we offer a comprehensive IP product range.
  8. UK manufacturer – with UK-based support.
  9. Build-quality and reliability – giving exceptional up-time and low maintenance needs.

You know Dedicated Micros for high quality, robust and innovative surveillance technology that enhances your reputation with your clients. Continue to benefit from that competitive edge with NetVu.