Fire safety – how technology can save lives

Maintaining the safety of people, assets, and architecture stands as one of the leading challenges for any organisation. One of the most potentially devastating threats to this safety, is the threat of fire. Fortunately, with today’s enhanced education and a range of preventative measures taken with both construction and human behaviour, serious blazes are rare, but when they do happen, the consequences are truly dire.

Business, livelihoods, and most importantly, life, literally depend on the protective measures decision-makers take.

On June 14th, 2017, the UK, and indeed the rest of the world, stood in horror as the consequences of poor fire prevention measures were brought into clear, tragic focus as Grenfell Tower, a residential high-rise complex, became engulfed in an inferno that claimed the lives of 72 people.
The subsequent inquiry into Grenfell is ongoing and recommendations to avoid such a tragedy ever happening again remain under review. However, the role early fire detection plays in averting disaster, whatever the circumstance, has been brought firmly back into the fore.

Things have changed

Fire detection apparatus has come a long way. No more does it constitute ordinary CCTV cameras that may or may not be working, which themselves are hooked up to monitors that may or may not be being watched. Instead, it is intelligent technology that understands the behaviour of fire, smoke and heat and can spot initial ignitions within seconds, and can differentiate between interferences such as reflections and artificial lighting and real, unplanned fire.
NetVu technology comprises such state-of-the-art innovations, developed by the industry’s most expert people, delivering services and solutions dedicated to protecting everything that is important to you and your business.
Through a combination of data, alarms, and video, integrated into one control point, this multi-sensory infrastructure allows information to be distributed within a business or to security services, so fast and appropriate action can be promptly taken.

A slow development for a fast response

Patented technology; researched, developed, and deployed within UK-based headquarters, refined, enhanced, and upgraded under the supervision of one of the world’s most renowned technology visionaries – the current suite of NetVu products were not developed quickly. They have been decades in the making.

Globally renowned with awards and accreditations, NetVu is an organisation focused on the future and dedicated to meeting the growing safety and security demands in a digital world. Founder and CTO, Mike Newton – one of the most eminent names in pioneering technology – is dedicated to research and development, constantly driving innovation through development in products and solutions.

From its founder and leader, through to its support team, NetVu’s people have the awareness, the experience, and the expertise to provide a differentiated service, supporting customers and partners wherever they are on their technology and security journey.