Improving the safety and security of aircraft, crew and passengers.

AD Aerospace offers the FlightVu range of aerospace video products, including state-of-the-art video security and safety systems.
Specialised detection solutions tackle the range of physical and security dangers faced by both commercial and passenger aircraft.

Secure access control surveillance applications can be used alongside monitoring in the cockpit (CabinVu), passenger cabin (FlightVu Witness), external control services and cargo hold surveillance and video smoke and flame detection (CargoVu/FireVu).

NetVu ObserVer video management software allows users to seamlessly view images from any NetVu Connected products such as FlightVu video servers.

AD Aerospace offers the advantages of robust storage of data from multiple video streams and video analysis capabilities, which can be integrated with an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) as the preferred method of display.

All AD Aerospace FlightVu video systems are designed and built using a modular, upgradeable approach, to facilitate the development of solutions to the future needs of the customer.

Airline clients include Emirates, British Airways, EasyJet, bmi, Swiss Air, Lufthansa and numerous VIP aircraft operators and military users. Major EFB manufacturers include Astronautics, Teledyne/Spirent, CMC, Boeing, ADR; server compatibility is offered with their equipment.

AD Aerospace is headquartered in Cheshire and has support offices across the USA, South and Central America, India, the Middle and Far East.

It is the parent company of Innovative Sensor Developments (ISD), designer of video systems for rugged and mobile military applications.

AD Aerospace is part of NetVu Ltd, innovators in technology and video surveillance.

For further information on our aircraft safety and security solutions, please visit or contact us now on Tel: +44 (0)870 442 4520 or Email :

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Exterior footage of a Commercial Aircraft during landing proceedure. Taken using AD Aerospace FlightVu system.

Aircraft Security Markets

  • Cargo Fire & Security

    Cargo Fire & Security

    The most serious threat to commercial aircraft safety is fire, but carriers are plagued by costly false alarms from traditional smoke and fire alarm systems. SmokeVu provides a cutting edge visual form of smoke verification and detection that can work alongside conventional detectors.

  • In-flight Cabin Security

    In-flight Cabin Security

    FlightVu Witness enables aircrew to view the entire aircraft to identify suspicious, threatening or unruly behaviour as early as possible and take preventative measures if warranted. FlightVu can record the entire aircraft, with watermarked footage, for evidential purposes.

  • In-flight Cockpit Security

    In-flight Cockpit Security

    Terrorist threats and air rage incidents regularly make the news, demonstrating the high level of safety risk. AD Aerospace’s CabinVu is a sophisticated video security system for pilots and crew to help prevent such dangerous incidents.

  • Airport Baggage Handling

    Airport Baggage Handling

    Passenger baggage is highly vulnerable to theft, particularly when being loaded out of range of established CCTV systems. CargoVu Baggage Security provides video surveillance within the hold, with covert cameras streaming images to ground security or stored for retrieval by authorised staff.