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NetVu Ltd is an innovative technology and video surveillance industry pioneer.

Today, it continues its mission to conceptualise, develop and bring to market effective new solutions to meet industry needs.

NetVu Ltd encompasses a suite of complimentary surveillance equipment solutions, businesses and brands. Clients, often using equipment made by the group, can select and combine a range of systems to make a comprehensive solution.

DM Network Video is NetVu Ltd’s solution arm. It provides tailored high-end secure IP video solutions, with consultancy, for clients that demand systems that deliver great effectiveness, reliability and return on investment.

All NetVu Ltd company offerings – FireVu, RemGuard, Dedicated Micros, AD Aerospace and TransV, and TSS – make up a suite of solutions. All solutions and products share NetVu Ltd’s common core video server technology NetVu Connected, which ensures NetVu Ltd solutions are differentiated, scalable and operate together seamlessly.

Established in 1997 as a group of technology companies, by its CEO Mike Newton. In 2001 it became the parent of CCTV giant Dedicated Micros, also founded by Newton. NetVu Ltd is now a global enterprise with an impressive client base across many industries from petrochemicals to manufacturing, from banking and retail to high value properties.

NetVu Ltd , headquartered in Northwich, England, has offices in the USA, the Gulf and across Europe as well as agents in additional locations, so it is able to offer a full range of solutions worldwide.

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