Designing and manufacturing robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance.


Dedicated Micros is an international market leader in developing and manufacturing specialist CCTV control and monitoring equipment.

Since 1982 the business has been industry renowned for the design and manufacture of robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance.

Many technological developments originally brought to market by Dedicated Micros have formed the building blocks for the success of today’s CCTV industry. Founded and guided by industry pioneer Mike Newton, it has and continues to be behind some of the most advanced surveillance equipment on the market.

From its UK headquarters and Maltese manufacturing base, Dedicated Micros continues to produce high quality surveillance monitoring equipment to a client base across the globe.

Dedicated Micros services many applications that are used in NetVu Ltd solutions, with DM Network Video offering consultancy and high-end solutions such as fire detection system FireVu and mobile surveillance system TransVu, which offers resilient, high-end, mobile Digital Video Recorders.


Analogue & IP CCTV Markets

  • Leisure


    Dedicated Micros surveillance solutions support security and management functions, offering a safer environment for visitors, guests and staff. Video over IP and analogue solutions can be easily integrated into a hotel or leisure development’s existing IT network to provide high quality, scalable and effective solutions.

  • Local Authority

    Local Authority

    Buildings and staff need surveillance for new threats, especially if the property or organisation is high profile, as well as older risks. Quality images that can be acted upon immediately to help thwart serious situations before they can develop.

  • Education


    Assault, arson, bullying, theft and vandalism can happen outside, across campuses, as well as inside. Dedicated Micros solutions provide a safer environment for all, enabling security staff to tackle incidences quickly. Powerful scalable Video over IP solutions can make use of current infrastructures, providing another source of Return on Investment.

  • Healthcare


    Staff have more to worry about than providing healthcare, with verbal intimidation, assaults and theft, while trying to maintain a caring and a safe environment can be challenging. Dedicated Micros evidential quality video solutions can be integrated, and upscaled, to provide the higher level of security required.

  • Banking


    Retail counters, ATMs and the financial institution’s premises need protecting from internal and external fraud. The evidential quality of Video over IP video can help deter and prosecute offenders. Dedicated Micros’ secure, easy to upscale solutions provide real-time surveillance to reduce incidents and provide a potentially significant Return on Investment.

  • Retail


    Shrinkage costs the UK retail industry alone over £5 billion annually, employee fraud makes up a third of the losses. Dedicated Micros surveillance solutions acts as a deterrent, providing evidential quality video as well as enabling security functions to act promptly. The result is effective surveillance of outlets and stock, reducing losses, bringing greater profit margins and competitiveness.