Banking and Finance

As the world of banking and finance evolves to adapt to the technological age, the need for revamped security measures to meet the threat of ever-increasing and sophisticated data breaches becomes essential.

Banks must retain their quality of being ‘unbreakable’ but must now achieve this on multiple fronts, both internally and externally.

Choosing the right security systems is, quite simply, more important than it has ever been.

What do banks/finance institutions expect/need from CCTV security?

  • Crime Investigation – Where there is a breach in physical security, recorded high resolution videos and images are critical to the identification and prosecution of suspects.
  • Fraud Prevention – CCTV delivering detailed facial recognition is vital where fraudulent activity is suspected. For example, security systems recording ATM transactions can provide powerful evidence where accounts are accessed criminally.
  • Co-ordination – CCTV cameras need to be synergised across multiple locations with images transmitted to a central monitor.
  • Integration – Systems need to integrate easily with existing central alarm systems.
  • Continuous Surveillance – 24/7 recording is crucial for high-risk locations with banks a primary example.
  • Remote Access – Operators need remote access to all recordings from any point within the CCTV infrastructure.

Why is NetVu the perfect solution for banking/finance?

NetVu supplies the finance sector with high quality digital video. Such are the improvements in the quality of digital images in recent years that our CCTV solution has become a serious deterrent to potential criminals with the prospect of positive recognition now extremely high.