SD Advanced Hybrid DVR/NVR

A powerful hybrid DVR/NVR, the enhanced SD Advanced offers top of the line performance with ease of installation. Combining all the benefits of a DVR with the feature set of a high-performance embedded NVR, it offers multiple channels of IP and Analogue. HDMI main monitor support, Digital Spot, on-board analytics and EPOS integration.

The enhanced SD Advanced offers flexibility and choice to suit challenging security applications. With its intuitive user interface and self-configuring IP capabilities, out of the box ready it eases demands on installers and operators.

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Item Description

Features and Benefits

• Powerful Hybrid DVR with embedded NVR.
• Up to 32 inputs in a combination of analogue or IP.
• Achieve playback, recording and live viewing simultaneously.
• 1 x HDMI Main monitor output for high definition display.
• HD IP Camera Recording.
• Up to 12TB of local storage, expandable using MSU.
• Recoding of third-party IP cameras and devices enables VMD.
• On-screen camera positioning telemetry control with Point & Go and Absolute Positioning.
• Text support – capture, text and embed till, ATM or data with the video. (EPoS)
• Coaxial Serial and IP Telemetry Control.
• MultiMode Recording – Dynamicallyswitchable resolution, record-rate and compression (MPEG4/ JPEG) per camera.
• TransCoding – High quality recording and simultaneous video transmission using MPEG4, JPEG or H.264 for playback.
• External DVD writer for archiving evidential material using high-power USB port.
• Colour-coded soft key menus, giving identical local and remote interfaces.
• User customisable system map for multiple system management.
• Per camera polymorphic streams change resolution, bit rate and compression midstream.

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