Network System Extender

Specifically designed to create hardened IP video networks, the N2SE is NetVu’s Secure Network Extender. Providing security benefits
over and above standard switch products, it automatically locks down the endpoint with a unique key, securely segregating video data
creating an “air gap” between the corporate network and the video surveillance system. Accessed through a single IP address, there are no means of ingress into the corporate network through cameras and endpoints.

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Item Description

Cameras are automatically allocated an IP address and assigned to specific network ports, removing the need for any manual intervention and decreasing the cost of ownership. Power for the cameras is provided by the ethernet cable using Power Over Ethernet (PoE+)
echnology. A front panel rotary switch and OLED display provides unit configuration and status information.

Trusted Endpoints; A Trusted Endpoint has a unique secret signature that is shared with and verified by the Secure Network Extender and DVR. Trusted end point technology is provided by the combination of the Secure Network Extender and NetVu cameras.

Secure Network Modes; N2SE offers a wide range of secure network modes, from restricting communication to removing network access. These modes are enabled on a Closed IPTV® system according to the requirement of the user through a single click.

Automatic Assignment of Camera Settings; a Closed IPTV® network can determine the capability of any connected camera and automatically assign appropriate default settings to the camera based on features.

  • Specifically Designed for Closed IPTV®.
  • Deterministic automated IP camera assignment to network port.
  • Traffic Management on a port by port basis.
  • Creates Trusted Endpoints that protect your IP Video system and Corporate networks from unwanted intrusion.
  • Security settings allow a Closed IPTV® system to be tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Automatic assignment of cameras to channels on a DVR or Video Server removes the need to manually assign IP addresses, simplifying the setup process and reducing costs.
  • Allows installers to deploy a safe, secure IP Video System.
  • Transparent Camera Configuration.
  • 16 network ports (10/100 BaseT) with PoE+ option.
  • 4 cascade or uplink ports with configurable modes.
  • Secure Network Extenders can be cascaded together to create a larger system.
  • PoE+ (30W) capability enables power to be supplied direct to cameras using standard ethernet cables.
  • Two Gigabit SFP ports provide fibre-optic links and user selectable SFP modules, depending on requirements.
  • 1U 19” rack mountable using the rack mounting ears provided.


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