Cyber Secure Video Surveillance Network

Online security is an ever present concern for companies that operate IP enabled surveillance systems. And this is even more relevant in the current climate in which there have been several high profile cases of security breaches originating from a hack into the IP surveillance network.

Many who are looking to implement a secure video surveillance solution are under the false belief that their only choices are a dated analogue solution or an IP solution built completely separate to their core network. Both options are hampered by severe limitations.

However, Dedicated Micros’ innovative and unique Closed IP solutions means you don’t have to compromise to a sub standard solution in the name of security. Instead you can have a state of the art video surveillance system that also delivers complete protection.

What is Closed IP?

Dedicated Micros’ patented Closed IPTV, inherent in all NetVu Connected devices, employs innovative design with standard IT industry protocols including: automatic port mapping to camera, zeroconf IP address allocation, dual IP addressing, automatic creation of firewalls and secure VLANS for the IP cameras.

The critical benefit of Closed IPTV is that you can have your video systems protected from malicious threats, while still being able to access the system from the corporate network without creating vulnerabilities as a result.

We believe this is an attractive solution for clients in all industries but particular relevant to those in the retail, banking, healthcare and government sectors for whom it is a critical requirement to protect highly sensitive data.

Easy Integration

Our award-winning Closed IPTV solution automatically allocates IP addresses to IP cameras by physical port and is completely deterministic, creating firewalls and monitoring point-to-point IP connections so they cannot be hacked or intercepted. This ground breaking solution provides a very simple and secure answer to IP video, meaning that no prior knowledge of IP networking is required. So sophisticated and dependable network security can be achieved with a single click.

Redundancy and Scalability

Our Closed IP solution also offers the considerable benefit of easy, flexible, redundant scalability.

  • Closed IPTV offers a self-configuring solution for our IP cameras. Cascading multiple extender appliances enables the Closed IPTV system to grow incrementally.
  • Our Virtual NVR provides unlimited scalability and redundancy, built on the Network and System Controller with multiple Network System Extenders, local and network attached storage.
  • For smaller applications the SD Advanced Network Video Recorder (NVR) is designed for secure direct connection of up to 16 HD IP cameras through its integrated Closed IP PoE ports, expandable to 32 when utilising an additional Network System Extender.

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Quick Guide – Reasons to choose Closed IP?

  • Robust, secure multi-point security protection
  • Automatic VLAN creation and secure lock down of IP camera network
  • Safe, segregated customer network integration with controlled access
  • Legacy NetVu Connected infrastructure compatible
  • Easy implementation
  • Versatile scalability
  • No licence fee renewal needed

Closed IP Protection Illustration

Closed IP Protection Illustration

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