NetVu Connected: Core technology providing key benefits and a demonstrable return


NetVu Connected video server core provides open programming language SDKs, inherent emergency messaging capability and the Closed IPTV secure IP video management layer. NetVu Ltd solutions can be integrated into custom designed PSIM building management architectures or managed and controlled safely and securely from the group’s NetVu management software suite.

NetVu Connected provides a range of benefits that give NetVu Ltd’s clients greater reliability, connectivity, resilience, interaction and performance across a seamless operating system. No other competitor offers a range and effectiveness to match this capability.

MultiMode Recording, for instance, conserves storage by varying the record rate and format as required: when recording is not capturing important material it operates at a lower resolution with an indiscernible change in image quality. When incidents occur it switches imperceptibly and seamlessly from a basic record format to a higher format without any break or loss of footage.

This is now critical for many users. Key incidents must be captured with true evidential quality without the slightest disruption as video evidence cannot be distorted or lost when it instantly switches record rate when triggered by alarms contacts, VMD, Activity Detection or other input data.

NetVu Connected utilises UDP streaming with the addition of an error correcting layer to maintain a lossless connection, with no impact on image integrity. Other systems may drop frames missing vital evidence in the process.

The Real Time Operating System (RTOS) of NetVu Connected gives a robustness and reliability unavailable in PC based systems. Moreover, the desire for businesses to centralise their surveillance management capabilities reduces vulnerabilities and risk, which includes eliminating the threat of hacking and viruses.

Security is further enhanced by NetVu Ltd’s Closed IPTV secure video management layer, inherently providing a ‘trusted end point’ secure exchange, using the unique key of the IP camera. This locks down the system automatically if an unknown, and perhaps unwanted, device is used and so eliminates the need to set-up a radius server that other IP cameras require.

Firewalls are automatically created by NetVu Connected. A single IP address, eliminating the need for multiple gateways, also adds to the security proposition.

Further value is demonstrated by NetVu Connected’s emergency messaging capability that provides an ability to interpret broadcast messages according to location in order to transmit / display a contextual emergency response. This can also be used for advertising purposes.

The flexibility, scalability, reliability and enhanced effectiveness, as well as ease of use, of NetVu Connected all contribute to a set of combined benefits that gives NetVu Ltd clients a substantial competitive advantage which delivers an exceptional return on investment.

Heat, Flame & Smoke Detection Solution

FireVu provides early fire detection for high value assets.

Its proven video Heat, Flame and Smoke Detection technology detects, identifies and analyses elements at the start of a fire. This enables users, located on site or remotely, to raise the alert and take appropriate action early.

IP Video Solution

NetVu Ltd provides high-end solutions for clients that demand systems that deliver great effectiveness, reliability and return on investment.
Solutions are tailored to the needs of the clients. Consultancy is a key element in the company’s offering, for often complex requirements, so that the aims of the client are fully realised.

Analogue & IP CCTV Solution

World leading manufacturer of analogue and IP CCTV products supplied to NetVu and its partners.

Dedicated Micros is an international market leader in developing and manufacturing specialist CCTV control and monitoring equipment.

Mobile CCTV

In-vehicle security surveillance for public, commercial and law enforcement transport applications.

Public and commercial transportation companies face a multitude of challenges regarding the safety of employees and customers, with theft, fraud and running costs. Any one issue has the potential to strongly impact their ability to trade; the cumulative effect can push enterprises to the limit