FireVu Annunciator

FireVu’s Video Smoke Detection and patented* Flame Detection technology detects, identifies and analyzes smoke and flame at the start of a fire. The technology understands the behaviour and movement of smoke and unique color signature of flame, and features Closed IPTV security provision that can be attached to an IP network.

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The Annunciator undertakes the discovery and automatic configuration elements of the system, providing a single IP address access
point, acting as a secure proxy to accessing individual detectors.

Featuring a built-in alarm receiver it handles all the screen updates, with each connected detector represented by an LED whose colour denotes the status of that detector.

The FireVu Annunciator is accompanied by a Modbus Module that acts as a Watchdog for full system resilience. The module will provide an alarm to a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) in the event that the Annunciator suffers a communications failure.

*GB2535409B, EP3080788B1, US9530074B2


  • Specifically Designed for FireVu.
  • Provides Closed IPTV® security.
  • Traffic Management on a port by port basis.
  • Creates Trusted Endpoints that protect your IP Video system and Corporate networks from unwanted intrusion.
  • Provides an HDMI output to drive a local display monitor.
  • Includes USB connections for a computer keyboard and mouse to enable local control of the video smoke and flame detection system.
  • Displays system status by individual detector and any further system health or secondary watchdogs etc. on the local monitor.
  • Controls proxy access to individual detectors for support and maintenance.
  • Provides a single IP address gateway and proxy server to provide access to the video smoke and flame detection system by authorised users only
  • Provides initial discovery and control of the video smoke and flame detection system IP network.
  • Provides colour-coded annunciation of smoke, flame and temperature threshold alarms to the local display monitor, plus overview map and video display from active video smoke and flame detectors.
  • Provides control and monitoring of local Modbus relay interfaces, both physical and virtual.
  • Manages Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) communications to facilitate the remote monitoring of the video smoke and flame detection system.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability.

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