FireVu Detectors

Organizations managing large sites, which contain combustible assets, face especially grave risks to unwanted ignitions. They have less time to react, and more to lose should a spark develop into something worse.

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Immediate detection and alarm are critical to protecting human life, inventory, reputation and against criminal liability. Designated
personnel are both expensive and unable to monitor whole sites at once. Full coverage, providing instant, sophisticated and accurate
alarm, can only be delivered through nextgeneration technologies.

The FireVu detectors are early warning visual detection devices for smoke, flame and heat* seen within their field of view. FireVu holds patents for its flame detection algorithm in the USA (US9530074B2), Europe (EP3080788) and the UK (GB2535409).

In addition to the smoke and flame detection provided by the FireVu Detector, the MultiDetector adds a thermopile array for additional verification by the ability to detect rising temperatures in machinery or plant outside normal operationally expected levels.


• Color and intensity-based flame detection analytic results in high detection rate and minimized false triggers.
• Alarm handling using on-board relays.
• Secure video alarm transmission enables visual verification of incidents and enhanced situational awareness.
• Video verification of alarms achieved through NetVu’s Enterprise ObserVer video management software.
• Events are logged and associated footage indexed for fast retrieval.
• Capable of operating two separate sets of detection parameters for different periods to accommodate changes in operational process.
• Full forensic analysis of recorded footage can be performed remotely over secure internet link to analyze source.
• Dynamic masking capabilities allow specific conditions to be excluded whist remaining monitored at all other times.
• Detection both indoor and outdoor, within the field of view of the detector.
• Internal recording allows event review and analysis.
• The Multi-Detector features a built-in Thermopile module that detects heat anywhere within the detection footprint

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