When the driving issue is student safety, look no further than Dedicated Micros. Our solutions help protect students, faculty, and educational buildings from multiple threats including vandalism. We have an array of solutions from analog to IP and can create custom solutions to accommodate schools of every size.



Designed, manufactured and supported in the United Kingdom, with software written entirely to Western Standards, the NetVu Uniplex range providesthe best solution for every application.With its embedded, secure,switch the Uniplex Applianceprovides a robust and sophisticated IP surveillance solution, which is both scalable and dependable.

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Closed IP is a complete video surveillance system set-up from Dedicated Micros, in which all hardware and software is designed and manufactured by Dedicated Micros, from the DVR right through to the cameras.

The Closed IPTV solution automatically allocates zero conf IP addresses to the Dedicated Micros cameras by physical port and is completely deterministic, creating firewalls and VLANs. Security is achieved through the application of trusted end points, secured through the exchange of a unique key between the camera and the system. If the camera is tampered with the system automatically locks down the port and alerts sent to stakeholders to warn of interference with the system.

With the increasing prevalence of security vulnerabilities seen in ONVIF cameras, NetVu products offer the reassurance of being non-ONVIF compliant, with the added shield of Closed IP.

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Investing in Dedicated Micros technology is an investment in innovation, quality and longevity. Invest now, benefit now, and continue to benefit for a long time to come.

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Fisheye Camera Demo

Images from the Dedicated Micros 360 Fisheye camera using Enterprise ObserVer to display the images in single, quad and 16 grid screen format, expertly recreating a control room environment.

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