FireVu provides early fire detection for high value assets.


Its proven Video Smoke Detection technology detects, identifies and analyses smoke at the start of a fire. This enables users, located on site or remotely, to raise the alert and take appropriate action early. VSD technology understands the behavior and movement of smoke. It was first developed in response to the requirement to provide a fire detection solution in a voluminous power generation facility. Since FireVu was first developed over 10 years ago, it has been refined and perfected. Today it also includes flame detection and has a security provision that can be combined in the client’s system.

FireVu is currently used on more than 200 sites globally, including power generation, manufacturing industries, tunnels, aircraft hangars and many other sectors where time is of the essence when responding to fire. If your assets are of high value VSD could be the solution.

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The August 2013 fire at Bredbury Industrial Estate, Manchester, destroyed some 1,500 bails of paper, fabric and plastic waste. It was not the first on this large site, which had serious business consequences for the owner.

FireVu Markets

  • Food Processing

    Food Processing

    Visual Smoke Detection technology can concentrate on specific danger areas and also provide early alerts across large and voluminous areas. Food processing presents many fire dangers from machines and materials. VSD provides early detection against numerous sources of fire.

  • Waste Management

    Waste Management

    Fires at waste management sites are paid for by the environment, the emergency services and the local community, but they also cost you and your business. There is a major fire at a waste management or recycling site every day in the UK.

  • Oil Fields

    Oil Fields

    Fire detection is of primary importance in an oil and gas environment. Speed is of the essence in preventing costly and life threatening results. FireVu offers alerts at the first sign of danger, enabling action to be taken.

  • Commercial


    FireVu provides fire detection solutions for high value property, be they cultural treasures such as London Guildhall or modern icons such as the City of London’s Gherkin. FireVu systems deliver against challenging specifications while adhering to architectural sensitivities and regulations.

  • Tunnels


    It is now mandatory for all tunnels over 500m within the EU to have a fire detection system, it must be a Video Smoke Protection solution if the tunnel is more than 3000m.

  • Aircraft Hangars

    Aircraft Hangars

    High value aircraft demand the best fire detection technology. Visual Smoke Detection identifies danger early. VSD does not need to wait for smoke to reach sensors and the challenge of smoke stratification slowing detection is not an issue.