High-profile government buildings are amongst the most at-risk locations for a range of potential threats. As such buildings regularly welcome high-profile individuals, or house sensitive documents and materials, constant surveillance is needed.

Prevention is critical when managing risk to government buildings, especially now threats can include terrorism or other extreme forms of anti-establishment activity. Security systems need to provide clear, high quality images and video so that any incidents can be acted upon quickly.

What do government buildings expect/need from CCTV security?

  • Coverage – All government buildings need high levels of coverage particularly when there is intelligence of a potential security breach. Buildings such as hospitals need comprehensive coverage where there are instances of violence, escape, missing patients and those admitted under suspicious circumstances.
  • Continuous Surveillance – 24/7 surveillance is needed in most, if not all, government buildings. This is especially true for those buildings which manage high-traffic and sensitive materials and equipment.
  • Co-ordination – High-risk government buildings need systems to be networked to a single control monitor which can be viewed in one location when needed.

Why is NetVu the perfect solution for the governmental sector?

We provide the IP cameras which many government buildings are now switching to. Historically, the cost/benefit comparison between analogue and digital systems leaned towards analogue, however technological advances, of which we are long-time pioneers, has meant that analogue cameras are now being decommissioned on a large scale to make way for more robust and versatile digital alternatives.

NetVu also provides integration and co-ordination with the “pick-a-point” system and constant, full-site surveillance so security can be maximised in high-risk areas.