Hospitality and Leisure

Though sectors which, by their very nature, should enjoy low levels of criminality, this unfortunately is often not the case. Recent studies have shown that some businesses operating within the hospitality and leisure sector can lose up to 15% of turnover to theft. High-quality security systems are no longer a luxury, they are essential for protecting bottom lines.

Violence is also on the increase, particularly in pubs and bars, which if a persistent problem, can severely damage reputations. High-resolution CCTV has a significant effect on human behaviour and has been shown to reduce the number of violent incidents.

What does the hospitality and leisure industry need/expect from CCTV security?

  • Coverage and Diversity – Establishments such as hotels require CCTV security to cover a range of important locations e.g. reception desks and car parks.
  • Crime Investigation/Facial Recognition – Where instances of crime or violence occur, high quality, digital surveillance with facial recognition is crucial to ensuring that suspects can be identified.
  • Compensation Prevention – Businesses which open themselves to the public are at risk of liability should an individual/s (either employees or members of the public) are injured on the premises. There has been a 36% rise in fraudulent ‘slip and trip’ claims in recent years costing the hotel sector up to £800 million a year. CCTV systems can ensure that there is evidence when responding to compensation claims.
  • Storage – Most insurance claims are made after 30 days. Outdated CCTV systems often remove footage after this time has elapsed, so it is vital that companies can keep footage for longer periods.
  • Modernity – Many businesses within the hospitality sector, particularly hotels, have avoided making CCTV system upgrades and are reliant on technology which is no longer fit for purpose. This leaves them exposed to the various risks outlined above.

Why is NetVu the perfect solution for the hospitality and leisure sector?

NetVu provides modern, digital systems which effectively replace the outdated, legacy systems found throughout the hospitality and leisure industry.

We also offer a wide array of camera systems designed for specific environments both indoor and outdoor.