Live Viewer – our new browser-based viewer

Live Viewer is the replacement for the now unsupported ObserVer Apple app, offering the continued benefit of mobile device access to your camera network but with the additional benefit of one version which works on every device, Apple iPhone, IPad, Android, Mac, PC and has a one time set up and go.


Why have we created a replacement for the ObserVer App?

Apple’s problems with its upgrade to IOS11 stimulated a further review of the ObserVer mobile app function and how best Dedicated Micros can support its customers. The decision was taken to replace the mobile app with a more flexible, longer-life solution – Live Viewer – which works on any mobile device with a web browser installed.

Benefits of Live Viewer

Why the switch to Live Viewer? The ObserVer Apple App was intended to offer flexible viewing access to clients’ camera networks on the go. This often meant needing viable usability on a mobile device, so an app seemed the logical solution.

However, providing a clean, easy interface in a web browsers actually delivers the same flexible usability but without the burden of having to download a new version of an app every time the mobile handset provider updated their software.

So while Live Viewer gives you the same benefits as the previous Apple app it makes life even easier, as after initial set up is done all you need to do is load the url and it’s there, in any browser on any device – Apple iPhone, IPad, Android, Mac, PC.

Live Viewer allows you to select which camera in your network you wish to see in the viewer window. You can select from low, medium or high resolution images and you have the option to freeze the image with the ‘stop’ button, then return to live streaming with the ‘live’ button.


How to set up Live Viewer

It is quick and easy to set up Live Viewer for your browser and you only have to do it once, then you don’t need to worry about app updates again. We have put together a step by step guide which will walk you through the process. Download the guide from the bottom of this page.

Note – make sure you download the correct version. There is one document for DS2 units and one for all the other recorder types – SD Advanced, Ecosence NV4, NV8.


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