Banking & Finance

Retail counters, ATMs and the financial institution’s premises need protecting from internal and external fraud.

The evidential quality of video over IP can help deter and prosecute offenders. Secure, easy to upscale solutions provide real-time surveillance to reduce incidents and provide a potentially significant return on investment.

Leisure & Hospitality

NetVu Ltd companies’ surveillance solutions support security and management functions, offering a safer environment for visitors, guests and staff.

Video over IP and analogue solutions can be easily integrated into a hotel or leisure development’s existing IT network to provide high quality, scalable and effective solutions.

Transport & Logistics

Bus, train and logistics operators can better protect passengers, stock and staff by taking action whenever necessary in incidences of anti-social behaviour and criminal including theft, vandalism and violence.

False insurance claims can also be refuted with the g-force sensor and video, providing another source of return on investment.

Waste Management

There is on average a fire at a waste management or recycling site every day in the UK, according to official UK government figures.

In addition to the damage to recycling companies’ sites, the responsibility and cost of waste management sites is gradually shifting from government agencies, the emergency services and local businesses and onto the recycling industry.

FireVu is used by numerous waste management companies to address these issues and challenges, protecting their businesses and interests.

Retail & Commercial

DM Network Video, the solutions arm of NetVu Ltd, provides fire and surveillance solutions for high value property.

Cultural treasures such as London Guildhall or modern icons such as The Gherkin use FireVu, a fire detection solution that delivers against challenging specifications while adhering to architectural sensitivities and regulations.

DM Network Video surveillance monitoring solutions add substantial return on investment by reducing shrinkage from fraud and criminal activity, both internal and external.

Aircraft Security

AD Aerospace offers the FlightVu range of aerospace video products, including state-of-the-art video security and safety systems.

Specialised detection solutions tackle the range of physical and security dangers faced by both commercial and passenger aircraft.

Secure access control surveillance applications can be used alongside monitoring in the cockpit (CabinVu), passenger cabin (FlightVu Witness), external control services and cargo hold surveillance and video smoke and flame detection (CargoVu/FireVu).

Government Facilities

Buildings and staff need surveillance from a range of threats, especially if the property or organisation has a high profile.

Quality images that can be acted upon immediately help thwart serious situations before they can develop.

Home Monitoring

RemGuard Visual Management provides a premium CCTV remote monitoring security service to commercial and residential properties worldwide, offering live intervention to prevent crime before it happens.

When the perimeter is breached, detection devices are triggered and live CCTV images are transmitted to the 24 hour Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC). Operators visually confirm the cause of alarm and take necessary action, including issuing audio warnings to deter criminal activity and avoid costly consequences.


Manufacturing plants can be highly vulnerable to fire. Highly combustible materials are present in process materials as well as the products. With thousands of litres of flammable oils, sprays and lubricants in close proximity to production lines that can create friction and excessive heat from a malfunctioning or trapped components, manufacturing professionals are ever vigilant for the earliest signs of fire risk.

FireVu provides fire detection that addresses the dangers the industry faces.