Effective surveillance monitoring for challenging transportation environments

Public and commercial transportation companies face a multitude of challenges regarding the safety of employees and customers, with theft, fraud and running costs. Any one issue has the potential to strongly impact their ability to trade; the cumulative effect can push enterprises to the limit.

Public transport companies are under constant pressure from incidences of assaults on drivers and passengers, high level of accidents as well as frivolous and bogus insurance claims and fare dodging.

The cost of fuel remains a huge overhead, even though there are periods of favourable fluctuations in price. So even small changes such as more economical driving behaviour or strictly following planned routes can positively affect the bottom line.

Commercial transportation businesses are no less immune from many of the same pressures. They have had to contend for years with the additional problem of high levels of theft and internal fraud.

The UK Home Office’s Commercial Victimisation Survey, published in 2013, reported 324,000 crimes against storage and transportation. Even though this includes a wide range of groups, it is nevertheless a huge number.

Substantially reducing shrinkage requires high quality evidence to identify offenders and record their actions and so secure convictions.

TransVu, is designed to meet these challenges head-on, and in so doing provide a demonstrable and substantial return on investment.

Surveillance monitoring can cover all key areas, be it within a bus, inside the cab or cargo area of a lorry. Cameras can also conduct external monitoring, including TransVu’s highly effective number plate recognition capability.

As well as providing evidential quality, digitally watermarked, video that pinpoints criminal activity, TransVu also acts as a deterrent in its own right.

MultiMode recording capability is incorporated in TransVu. This enables maximised record duration so that video is recorded at the required high resolution when incidents and criminal activity occur.

What is more, TransVu’s rugged bespoke design enables it to operate in the most testing conditions, ensuring key footage is not disrupted.

A built-in accelerometer measuring G and a driver panic button are among the driver monitoring capabilities provided. TransVu gathered material can also be integrated with vehicle system data to give additional functionality to the mobile DVR.

TransVu incorporates an emergency messaging capability, based on GPS technology, that enables drivers to respond to immediate threats to major incidents.

Additionally, passenger messaging is available to public transport companies. A revenue advertising stream directed by GPS can respond to locality to stream targeted commercial messages.

TransVu offers organisations, commercial and public sector, the opportunity to address costly and persistent problems and so generate notable cost benefits.

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