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NetVu Holdings Ltd delivers robust numbers in 2017 and moves forward with new product launches in 2018

NetVu Holdings Ltd, the parent company of NetVu Ltd. (UK business), Dedicated Micros Inc. (US business), Dedicated Micros (Malta) Ltd and AD Aerospace Ltd, delivered a robust set of numbers in 2017, highlighted by group turnover in excess of £13m gross profit of £8.4m and profit before taxation of £1.35m.

NetVu Holdings Ltd continues to operate on a sure footing without any external debt, led by its highly experienced management team that boasts over 50 years of collective experience in the industry and its CEO Mike Newton cited as of one the leading technology innovators of all time.

In 2018 NetVu Ltd and Dedicated Micros Inc introduce new products for the video and fire surveillance businesses, including the innovative FireVu visual fire detection and monitoring system and the 6 and 12 megapixel 360 degree cameras; also new innovations in control room software include Enterprise ObserVer video management software and Pick-A-Point, PSIM (video and building management software).

Managing Director/President of NetVu Ltd. and Dedicated Micros Inc. Pauline Norstrom commented “We are now able to offer a valuable upgrade path for our users, from the very earliest DVRs right through to our large HD IP systems without a wholesale swap of the existing estate of products. Our control room upgrade products support the legacy and ensure ongoing management and control of devices over 10 years old which we know are still in the field and working. An additional value benefit is that FireVu visual fire heat detection devices can be monitored from the same control rooms which monitor Dedicated Micros and NetVu products”

Commenting on the strength of the 2017 numbers, NetVu Holdings Ltd. CEO and CTO for NetVu Ltd and Dedicated Micros Inc., Mike Newton said: “As a business we are pleased with the progress made in 2017. It is fair to say that sales were robust.

The NetVu and Dedicated Micros brands will be the ones to watch in the surveillance industry over the next 12 months and far beyond on both sides of the Atlantic and across the globe. Our Closed IPTV Cyber secure video network technology underlines the vision and innovation in this company; since its launch. The problems associated with non Closed IPTV, IoT and Internet connected IP cameras have revealed themselves, underlining the pioneering nature of our technology which anticipated the issues which are now arising in the internet connected Industry.”

2018 is shaping up to be another year of milestones for NetVu, with the launch of ground-breaking products including the new fisheye camera that offers exceptional picture quality coupled with pan-tilt-zoom on live and playback and up to 16 separate views on one screen from one camera when used in conjunction with Enterprise ObserVer.

And as the world becomes more and more focused on the threat of cyber attack, NetVu’s stand out network security solution – Closed IPTV, is set to strengthen NetVu’s differentiators which are valued by its customers.

Full NetVu Holdings annual accounts can be seen on the Companies House website.

About NetVu Holdings

NetVu Holdings is the parent company of NetVu Ltd and Dedicated Micro Inc. NetVu Ltd develops, manufacturers, sells and services CCTV surveillance equipment under the brand names of Dedicated Micros, FireVu and TransVu in the UK and EMEA. NetVu Ltd is headquartered in Northwich, Cheshire, England.

Dedicated Micros Inc. sells and services CCTV surveillance equipment under the brand names of Dedicated Micros, FireVu and TransVu in the USA. Dedicated Micros Inc. is headquartered in Chantilly, Virginia, USA.

NetVu Ltd and Dedicated Micros Inc. are innovative technology and video surveillance industry pioneers, providing tailored high-end secure IP video solutions, with consultancy, for clients that demand systems that deliver great effectiveness, reliability and return on investment.

All NetVu Ltd company offerings – FireVu, Dedicated Micros and TransVu – make up a suite of solutions. All solutions and products share NetVu Ltd’s common core video server technology NetVu Connected, which ensures NetVu Ltd solutions are differentiated, scalable and operate together seamlessly.