Pick-A-Point – The Enterprise Level Control Room System of Choice

Control Room Monitoring

Pick-A-Point provides unlimited scalability and map based control, making it the command and control room system of choice for medium and large CCTV systems. Pick-A-Point allows the user to customise their camera output in a control room style. The interface combines a graphical site map display, showing the camera locations and coverage with a multiscreen display, enabling the viewer to see a configurable number of outputs on one screen and control multiple displays in the video wall, respond to alarm conditions, switch views, sequence and manage patrol views within a large scale control room environment.

The display, controls and settings can be customised to each individual user, identified by their unique log-in. Pick-A-Point also offers sophisticated alarm handling display functionality that identifies the specific alarm and camera via programmable triggers. The system can also carry out automated system checks to check for camera outages, unscheduled system resets and hardware failures.

Pick-a-Point user display


Archive Management System (AMS) Archive Management System logo

Archive Management System (AMS) is a professional video management and diagnostics system designed to organise and manage video and associated data recordings by large scale, multi-location static and mobile vehicle CCTV solutions.

AMS reduces the cost of ownership by saving time and resources by automatically indexing and archiving all video and associated meta data produced by any of the connected devices.

AMS’s powerful diagnostics tools enable predictive maintenance by reporting the health and operation of the system to authorised users, resulting in reduced exposure to risk through improved up-time.


AMS health check display


Pick-A-Point Integration

The AMS SiteBuilder tool allows for easy building and deploying of Dedicated Micros Pick-A-Point configurations. AMS is also able to host a central Pick-A-Point audit trail and provides features to review it.

Pick-A-Point Features at a Glance:

  • Drillable map display.
  • Multiple site monitoring.
  • Health Checks (when used with AMS).
  • Unlimited scalability – i.e. global management.
  • Works as PSIM to manage alarm conditions,
    event conditions, building management and data.
  • Control Room monitoring style set up to manage
    switch sequences and patrol views.

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Supporting Documentation

AMS User Guide

AMS Product Overview

AMS Features at a Glance:

  • Automatic and manual archive of video footage to any desired storage location.
  • Capability to archive from mobile (wireless or 3G), or fixed asset devices.
  • Health monitoring of all connected devices.
  • User friendly search and review suite to enable fast access to archived or remote video.
  • SiteBuilder module for easy set-up of sites in Pick-A-Point.