Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act - Our commitment

NetVu is dedicated to delivering innovative products that meet the challenges of modern-day business, including the threats presented by breaches in cyber security.

Our closed IP hardened management layer and strict adherence to Western Security Standards provides unparalleled, automatic cyber security 'out-of-the-box'. However, our commitment goes much further than just the point of purchase, we guarantee to provide ongoing software updates and support for security issues as below:

NetVu manufactured* NVR’s, decoders and network extenders

NetVu manufactured* SmartVu and SmartVu lite cameras

NetVu* Video Management Software

NetVu manufactured* Video Smoke and Flame detection systems

  Our*Includes our brands, Dedicated Micros, FireVu and TransVu

7 years from date of purchase

5 years from date of purchase

5 years from date of purchase

5 years from date of purchase

Reporting a Concern.

Please use the form below to report any concerns you have relating to IoT security issues for any of our products.

We aim to confirm receipt of all reports within 2 business days. The email address you provide below will be used to supply you with updates on your reported issue until it is resolved.

If you have not received an acknowledgement to a submitted request or have any concerns about information received in connection with your report, please use the information above to contact us.

Report a Security Concern

Report a Security Concern