Joystick Keyboard KBC2/U

The Joystick keyboard is specially developed by NetVu for use with its Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Consequently, it offers optimal ergonomic performance as part of a NetVu Closed IPTV® system.

The KBC/U uses a USB connection and is supplied with a separate dedicated power supply.

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Item Description


  • Ergonomically designed joystick for effortless precise control of the selected camera.
  • Includes all the necessary control functions for monitoring a video surveillance system and controlling PanTilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, establishing audio connections,camera switching etc.
  • Supports 360cameras, with dedicated keys for auto-pan and Patrol functions.
  • Dedicated shortcut keys to summon all the most commonly used functions.
  • Dedicated colour-coded keys that correspond with the colour-coded soft keys shown on screen by the NetVu DVR.
  • Status indicating LED adjacent to each key for visual conformation, in addition to the excellent tactile response.
  • “Panic button” for Operator safety.

Technical Specifications

Ordering Information

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