TransVu 3

Transport environments can prove harsh for electronic equipment, with exposure to repetitive shocks and vibration proving too much for some electronic systems. Specifically designed for public and commercial transport applications and encased in a rugged metal chassis, the TransVu unit can withstand this tough environment to provide uninterrupted in vehicle security surveillance.

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Item Description

Rugged Design

Designed to conform to ETSI 5M2 (road) and EN 61373 (rail) standards, with an anodised aluminium enclosure and aerospace grade suspension bushes, the TransVu can withstand prolonged exposure to the vibration and shock that is typical of road and rail transport.

TransVu Media

The TransVu Media variant allows advertising or customer information to be shown to passengers. User programmable, TransVu Medias’ messaging system uses industry standard programming languages such as JavaScript. The messaging can be location specific, advertising shops or attractions on
the vehicle’s route. In addition, text can be overlaid with the images to add specific messages to customers. Additional revenue benefits can be realised by deploying a flexible advertising solution such as this.

Logging of Vehicle Systems

TransVu supports logging of vehicle systems such as engine speed, vehicle speed, use of indicators, brakes etc. Harsh braking and turning are logged as events, the on-board accelerometer constantly logs these forces and on playback displays on screen graphs accurately displaying turning, accelerating and
braking forces.


Through the use of an optional GPS unit, positional information can be relayed to a control room which may be integrated with moving map displays. GPS routes can be created and vehicles that are “off route” can be tracked and intercepted, ideal for security applications or where vehicles need to remain
on a set route. The TransVu can support an external GPS module using serial connectivity.

Features and Benefits

  • Mobile DVR specifically developed for public and commercial transport applications.
  • 16 camera inputs.
  • IP and Megapixel Camera compatible.
  • Record Rate of 400pps across unit.
  • GPS, accelerometer and vehicle systems data all linked to video footage.
  • Option for second Ethernet port for AOE storage or IP camera connections.
  • Programmable general-purpose indicator outputs.
  • Realtime multiscreen display output for all cameras in live and playback Spot monitor output.
  • Monitor output for view / replay or media output (optional).
  • Optional media support for advertising and public address.
  • IP only version available (build to order).
  • Full Configuration of the product using on-board monitor GUI.
  • Ignition controlled shut-down with configurable time delay.
  • Audio output for on-board multi-media or passenger announcements.
  • Removable hard drives.
  • 3-axis 2g to 8g full deflection autoconfigurable accelerometer, (enables product mounting in any orientation).
  • Heater option available for extreme cold climates.
  • Location tracking using GPS*.
  • Wireless LAN Compatible.
  • Composite local main monitor outputs.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Spot monitor output

Technical Specifications

Camera Inputs
16 camera inputs. Camera Masking Detection,Auto detection on power up. Alarm on camera fail. Support for IP and Megapixel cameras.

Record Rates
Max 400pps (PAL) across the unit.

JPEG, H.264 and MPEG-4 format files.

Record Profiles
MultiMode recording allows record profiles to be set on a per-camera basis.

Monitor Viewing
Main Monitor: Composite.
Spot Monitor: Composite.

Line in: 2 x 1v pk-pk or configurable for electric microphone input.
Line out: 1 x 1v peak to peak.
Local and network audio record and playback.

Recording Media
1 or 2 Removable SATA hard drives (inseparate, lockable drawers). Up to 4TB of internal storage. Solid state option.

Alarm Inputs
8, individually configurable (6 pre-configured as alarm inputs, 2 pre-configured as frequency counts).

Auxiliary Relays
2, independent software control.

3-axis accelerometer to provide g-force measurements in various orientations.

Third Party Integration
PowerScript feature assists in the integration between the TransVu and third-party products enabling powerful unique applications to be

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