Effective remote transmission capabilities to protect high value assets.

NetVu Connected products provide sophisticated event triggered video alarm transmission capabilities which enable remote monitoring security services to provide added value services to commercial and residential properties worldwide.

In the use case where a perimeter is breached, detection devices are triggered and live CCTV images are transmitted to a 24 hour Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC). Operators are able to visually confirm the cause of alarm and take necessary action, including issuing audio warnings to deter criminal activity and avoid costly consequences.

As the incidents can then be reported to the police as confirmed criminal acts taking place in real time, the police authorities can take all necessary and appropriate action without delay.

In addition to security, NetVu Connected products contain external data processing features which enable the remote monitoring of manufacturing equipment, help track deliveries and fight personal injury claims.

NetVu systems can be customised in order to perform complex, conditional tasks which trigger alarms based on the site’s specific operational requirements. Conditional routines could include a series of events having to occur before an alarm is activated. This feature when combined with FireVu’s early warning fire capabilities provides a powerful risk mitigation and loss prevention tool to the commercial client base which spans retail, leisure, construction, manufacturing and logistics facilities, and public sector clients such as educational, transport and local authority sites.

NetVu products also contain remote diagnostic capabilities which avoid the need for site visits. The AMS management tool performs health checks and software uploads such that predictive maintenance cycles can be established to the benefit of the end user up-time.

Remote Monitoring Markets