• Commercial Fleets

    TransVu provides uninterrupted in-vehicle security surveillance, which offers protection from fraud and theft, reducing losses and preserving profit margins.

  • Public Service Vehicles

    TransVu is extensively used in the public sector, such as local authorities to protect staff and vehicles. As well as giving protection against anti-social behaviour and false insurance claims, TransVu provides a location specific advertising source of revenue generation, allowing the solution to pay for itself.

  • Emergency Services

    TransVu is made to operate in demanding environments, making it the ideal transit surveillance tool for the emergency services. Whether used in a stationary position or on the move, it provides digitally watermarked evidential quality video.

  • Bus & Train Operators

    Operators can better protect passengers, staff and the company, taking action when necessary in incidences of anti-social behaviour including theft, vandalism and violence. False insurance claims can also be refuted with the g-force sensor and video, providing another source of return on investment.

  • Haulage & Logistics

    Location tracking via GPS, a driver panic button and the capability to integrate with vehicle systems data makes TransVu a powerful tool in combating internal fraud and theft. Other features such as a built-in accelerometer also protects staff and assets, providing value through reducing losses.

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