A steady increase in false insurance claims is necessitating new ways for transport companies to protect themselves. A highly effective measure now widely used in the industry, is the installation of CCTV within vehicles.

Although serious crime is relatively low on public transport, falling 5% between 2017 and 2018, there has been an increase in complaints regarding verbal abuse, low level violence, and treating behavior at peak- commuter times. Such behavior must be documented so companies can take appropriate action and protect passengers.

What does the transport industry expect/need from CCTV?

  • Robust Systems – Given widespread sub-standard road surface quality across the U.S. and the amount of time many vehicles spend on the road, transport companies need equipment that can withstand these challenges.
  • Communication – There is a need to automatically alert drivers using techniques such as VCA.

Why is Dedicated Micros the perfect solution for the Transport Sector?

Our industry specific product, TransVu is a leading edge technology for transport security.

TransVu is specifically designed to withstand harsh transportation environments and cope with repetitive shocks which damage competitor alternatives.

Our solution supports the logging of vehicle data (speed, distance, etc.) where required and also supports GPS information which an be relayed in a control room and integrated with applications such as ‘Moving maps’ so vehicles can be securely tracked.

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