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Illustration of upgrade options from analogue to IP.

Analogue has served you well but it’s now on it’s way out. It has been surpassed by IP. But implementing a wholesale change from analogue to IP is prohibitively expensive. What is the solution?…Dedicated Micros.

Our hybrid technology allows you to combine analogue and IP cameras into the same system, including 3rd party cameras, meaning you can stagger your upgrade over time, allowing you to spread the cost.

And there’s more to why Dedicated Micros is unique in offering the right upgrade solution. IP networks are a big step forward from analogue but open IP CCTV networks are also more vulnerable to cyber attack. You need IP without compromising on security. This is where Dedicated Micros is the only viable option, as we are the only provider that can offer Closed IPTV – a secure solution for an IP network.

We recognise your upgrade needs and so we have developed a suite of products designed to meet these needs, including: the SDHD Hybrid DVR/NVR, Pick-A-Point, Enterprise ObserVer and Closed IPTV. Read on for more details on these industry leading products.

A Powerful Hybrid to bridge Analogue to IP SD Advanced

Underpinning Dedicated Micros’ offering is its Hybrid DVR/NVR which combines all the benefits of a Dedicated Micros DVR including alarm integration and handling, with the feature set of a high performance embedded NVR. It offers multiple channels of HD IP, Analogue and HD Analogue video giving it the flexibility to manage legacy analogue cameras whilst also powering new IP systems, making it perfect for those needing an upgrade path from analogue to IP.

The SDHD provides 16 analogue inputs and records a combination of analogue, HD IP, or HD Analogue camera formats. Further to this, the SDHD is so powerful that a single unit can manage inputs from up to 24* Dedicated Micros Fisheye 6 or 12 Megapixel cameras. The Fisheye cameras offer a high quality 360 degree view with all round LED lighting and retrospective day and night review of activities outside the field of view of the operator at the time in the live image, when viewed with Enterprise ObserVer.

The SDHD also enables user customisation of complex, logical alarm handling routines and integration of data from external sources. Unique value is created for the user through integration with business processes such as: access control, building management, process control and manpower management.
*(with appropriate bit rates)

The Full IP Solution

Beyond the hybrid set-up we offer state-of-the-art full IP recorders. The SD Advanced NVR is a powerful NVR appliance with Closed IPTV technology built-in, providing 16 secure IP PoE ports and expandable storage capacity of 12TB and more. As with all NetVu- Dedicated Micros products, the SD Advanced NVR supports alarm integration and transmission making it a valuable addition to the NetVu ecosystem, viewed and controlled from our control room and PSIM solutions; Enterprise ObserVer and Pick-A-Point.

The Virtual NVR offers infinitely scalable distributed, edge recording architecture. Built-on Closed IPTV secure network technology, the Virtual NVR provides flexibility, redundancy including recording at the edge, near side and centralised, managed archiving with Dedicated Micros’ AMS archive and healthcheck tools, and seamlessly integrated with Dedicated Micros’ alarm handling and video and PSIM management software.

Cyber Security with Closed IPClosed IP logo

Closed IP is a complete video surveillance system set-up from Dedicated Micros, in which all hardware and software is designed and manufactured by Dedicated Micros, from the DVR right through to the cameras.

The Closed IPTV solution automatically allocates zero conf IP addresses to the Dedicated Micros cameras by physical port and is completely deterministic, creating firewalls and VLANs. Security is achieved through the application of trusted end points, secured through the exchange of a unique key between the camera and the system. If the camera is tampered with the system automatically locks down the port and alerts sent to stakeholders to warn of interference with the system.

With the increasing prevalence of security vulnerabilities seen in ONVIF cameras, NetVu products offer the reassurance of being non-ONVIF compliant, with the added shield of Closed IP.

Read more about Closed IP.

The Dedicated Micros Difference

Investing in Dedicated Micros technology is an investment in innovation, quality and longevity. Invest now, benefit now, and continue to benefit for a long time to come.

‘Control Room’ Demo Video

Images from the Dedicated Micros 360 Fisheye camera using Enterprise ObserVer to display the images in single, quad and 16 grid screen format, expertly recreating a control room environment.

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