Waste Management

The traditional waste management site is changing. As machines and computers take over roles once completed by human hands, security systems must evolve to see the needs of new, automated environments.

The need for updated systems is based on various factors including automated technologies, which reduce the number of staff needed at these sites. This, in turn calls for a need for technology that can rapidly and accurately identify a fire within seconds.

There’s also a shift toward privatization of waste management sites. Business owners who now manage these sites assume total responsibility for all and any incidents, including fire.

What does the waste management sector need from a CCTV Solution?

  • Fire Surveillance – Waste management sites are high-risk locations for fire, making early detection critical. (FireVu)
  • Continuous Surveillance – Because of high fire risk and reduced personnel presence, 24/7 monitoring is necessary to achieve total site coverage.
  • Compensation Prevention – Waste management sites are busy places with a mix of machinery, vehicles, and personnel operating at the same time. companies need to invest in high quality CCTV in order to most reliably document accidents when/if they occur.
  • CCTV on Vehicles – Waste management sites use a number of vehicles which perform often dangerous work. Installing cameras on them adds further protection against potential legal action and allows for thorough investigations should an incident occur. (TransVu)

Why Dedicated Micros for waste management?

At Dedicated Micros, we provide cutting-edge CCTV for all sectors and all requirements. We eliminate the need to spend time finding different providers for different types of equipment. With us, it’s all under one roof.

Our FireVu technology is ideal for waste management sites. It is a fully customizable for different types of sites. All incidents are identified with accuracy and speed, so safety officers can react with immediate and appropriate action. This technology saves lives, promotes safer working practices, allows for thorough investigations, and protects against false alarms.

Meanwhile, our TransVu solution provides robust CCTV options for waste management vehicles which are constantly operational even in difficult conditions and on irregular terrain.

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